Freitag, 24. Januar 2014

New App Quarantine version 1.29 / App Quarantine Pro 2.9

Some of my user's maybe wondered why there were no updates for a while. Unfortunately I had a new version available as beta version for some time already, but before publishing the release I went on a little "vacation" for few months. Today I finally published the new version to Google Play. There are few changes:

New versions for Android 4.x only

The original version for old devices running Android 2.x will still be available, but it will no longer be updated. This means the app is now fully optimized for Android 4 (without the bloat needed for older versions) and quite a few things have been improved under the hood.

Issues with root access

There have been lots of complaints about problems with root access, crazy error messages, and what not. This part has been reworked now (again) and is now hopefully stable.

New design on the way

The long planned design overhaul is yet to be done, but the foundations are now set. The settings screen has already been revamped and probably gives more insight on the app's full functionality. There are also options to join as beta tester for new features or to help with translations. For the next major version the full app is supposed to be completely re-designed, though there might be one or two smaller updates before this is done.

New feature for PRO version

I heard from many users that they put their home-screen full with Quarantine widgets because there are so many apps they need to toggle all the time. When I originally designed the widgets I expected that there are maybe one or two widgets on the screen. So now I thought about a better way that can be used in this case instead of widgets.... and this is the QUARANTINE DRAWER! This is like the app drawer on your home-screen, but shows all disabled apps. When you touch them they are automatically re-enabled and launched. Furthermore there's a second screen where you can choose your most-used apps for quick access.

There are two options to launch the Quarantine Drawer: you can just create a shortcut and place it anywhere on your desktop. If you are using Nova Launcher, Apex Launcher (or similar ones) you can also put it on your dock. Furthermore if you have a device with on-screen buttons then you can launch it by long-pressing on your home button. If you don't use Google Now then you can use this gesture to launch the Quarantine Drawer instead.

New translations

During the last months the app has been translated into few more languages. The following ones are now available: German (of course), Dutch, French, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Turkish, Ukrainian and Vietnamese. If your native language is missing (or if you spot any mistakes) feel free to join us on Crowdin!

Beta versions

If you are interested to always get the newest version before anyone else then join the beta community. You can do so directly from the app. After you have been approved you can register as beta tester and receive the newest updates through Google Play. As beta tester you'll see new features before they are fully completed, and with your feedback they can be improved.